Higher Truth

German theologian and philosopher Friedrich Schleiermacher felt that each of us is on a personal journey to grasp some knowledge of higher reality. Alister McGrath said our mind has a capax dei of “possessing an intrinsic ability to grasp something of God.” (2002) Capax dei is translated as capax (capacity or ability), and dei (God). For me, a capax dei grasp of God ——-> is a coup d’oeil glimpse of Truth. Higher Truth has gone by many names over the 6,000 years of recorded history:  i. e. Allah, Jahweh, Good Father, God, Vengeful Father, Mother, or Super Being. I propose we all make a Pascal’s Wager regarding the existence of a God: 1.) falsely denying a superbeing existence may lead to damnation, or 2.) falsely believing in a superbeing existence can lead to some very unnatural ways to live one’s life. However, a Pascal’s Wager for me is not about damnation, harm, denial, or belief but is about Truth. A Pascal’s Wager for me asks the questions, “Is my journey dictated by an entrenched supernatural taught worldview?,” or “Does my journey include a sustained effort in a personal search for the source of higher meaning and/or Ultimate Truth?” I choose to view my journey as a process that is dynamic and evolving, as I search to experience truths and Truth in the natural and human worlds.

higher truth