Nature’s Truths

It became crucial that my journey include discovering, experiencing, and appreciating the truths of the natural world. It is an indispensable passion of mine to discover, experience, and appreciate what natue-based realities and ultimate reality or Truth may exist. John Robinson proposed, “God is, by definition ultimate reality.” (1963) I agree with Robinson about ultimate reality, but I disagree with him about the supernatural concept of God. I knew that for me, if I continued to adhere to a supernatural worldview I would not be able to discover or experience even an approximation of Truth.

Ultimate is from the Latin latimatus meaning last, farther, or final. I theorize we have a vague awareness, maybe an intuitive grasp that pushes us to search for truths in Nature, and to discover final ultimate answers. There is something deep in our very nature, in our inner heart, in our indwelling core where we need to reflect on finding natural truths and ultimate reality. I have an inexorable desire to solve the Great Mysteries that somehow must be enmeshed in natural truths. And, I have a deep-seated need for some understanding of the mysterious source of Ultimate Truth —> that unknown mystery within a mystery. My inquisitive nature exquisitely endeavors to discover this abstract mystery. Newbery and Wildman said, “if ultimate reality remains a mystery, so much the better, for it is the questions that gives us meaning, that drives us forward and fills us with transcendent awe.” (2006) It is my contention that a supranaturalism that builds with/upon Nature, human  nature, and our own nature may allow for at least an intuitive  grasp of, and maybe at times an experience of this mysterious ultimate reality. It is my desire that the hypothesis of supranaturalism contribute to my having experiences of, and a better understanding of unvarnished and untarnished natural truths and Nature’s Truth.



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