Spirituality: Truth

I encountered a dilemma when I asked the questions, “How does a spirituality that is defined in supranatural terms allow for higher meaning and Truth?” or, “How is it possible for supranatural spirituality to experience higher meaning and Truth?” I overcame this dilemma only when I came to realize and to accept that our Self/Spirit (breath of life) is a natural process that involves awakening and activating those nature-based inner truths and Truth. Anderson assures us that, “spirituality and life are inseparable.” (2003) Bjorkland insisted that spirituality “has to do with whatever is at the center of our life.” (1983) I agree with Anderson and Bjorkland. Everyone likes to say “the truth is so and so,” but I say that really amounts to the way they subjectively experience life.

We are daily bombarded with half-truths, false-truths, and no-truths. I submit that a more objective understanding of truth/Truth can only come when we have goals aimed at: 1.) truths that come by way of experiencing greater satisfaction of our nature-based innate basal and deeper needs, 2.) extend that development by experiencing and connecting with those elusive mysterious natural truths existing in the natural world, and 3.) have gut-level experiences that connect with an overall higher source of Truth. I view spirituality and supranaturalism as my attempts  to incredibly be awakened to, and experience the truths that come with my life and my journey into deeper sex, love, morality, emotions, and consciousness. The deeper my/our Being evolves into awakening myself (my spirit) with/upon Nature, human nature, and our own nature the more the door opens to, and the more we are heading in the direction of having deeper experiences, connections, and understanding with that mysterious higher Truth.


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