Ultimate Truth

In previous posts, I set the stage for my journey into trying to satisfy my innate need  to having higher meaning in my life. In posts to come, I will go into detail and give a name to this source of reality, force, order, and/or energy that gives my existence higher meaning. As my childhood imprinted fanciful, far-fetched and nonsensical supernatural worldview started to unravel and implode, I set myself on a course to replace it with a worldview that had a source I could attest to and find meaning in/from. In previous posts, I introduced the concept of  supranaturalism —> an imaginably and conceivably transvaluative term. The basic idea of supranaturalism is that my/our spirit is biological, is natural, and is oneself. I theorize supranaturalism upholds and embraces a spirituality having the capacity for the Self<–>Spirit to evolve and to enhance its innate potential —-> epigenetic connotation. I endorse the hypothesis that supranaturalism views spirit as being part of the energy-matter of life —> bio-energetic connotation. I profoundly agree with Raymo that, “matter, in the view of contemporary physics, is everything we hoped spirit to be, and more … matter in modern physics has become a thing of marvelous subtlety and potentiality.” (1998)  I sanction the idea that supranaturalistic enhancement involves an awakefulness movement towards different aspects of truth. In my sojourning journey, I asked, “If there is a source of higher reality, order, force, and/or energy doesn’t it have to involve truths and Truth?” My answer was/is, “how can it possibly be anything else!

ultimate truth

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