Entelechy is another exceptional concept that was originally associated with the philosophy of Aristotle. In Greek entelechy is entelecheia and it refers en (inherent), telos (aim or goal), and echeia (to have). I view entelechy as part of our Being because we are born with an innate sense of drive or an inner calling. Entelechy is the inherent potential within each of us to aim for higher goals. However, that inherent drive is only a potential and remains dormant until it is unlocked and we decide to activate our inner drive.  I view entelechy as a supranatural, epigenetic, and energetic concept. Epigenetics has only potential until it is activated and we decide to go within – to activate what is within. Energeia has only potential until it is energized. Entelechy is a natural inner force that can be an aide in moving our self-evolution forward if we choose to activate and awaken our potential. It basically amounts to a personal choice of drive overcoming the ambivalent forces of mediocrity.


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