Haecceity (hek-se-a-te) is a rare and extraordinary word first used by John Dunn Scotus (1200’s AD). Haec is Latin for “this,” and means the “thisness” of a subject or what it truly “is.” One’s being involves the concept of haecceity. As humans we share universal nature with all of life and we share human nature. But haecceity is my uniqueness; my unique nature. I suggest a significant paradoxical equation I identify in this uniqueness. That is, we are all infinitesimal creatures in a gigantic Cosmos, yet when under inspection and calculation in this huge Cosmos, there is a mystery that lies within our uniqueness to everything else that exists in the Cosmos. Each one of us maybe an imperceptible creature in this vast Cosmos, but we are an exquisively unrepeateable being. Just to think that out of 108,000,000,000 people who have ever lived each one of us can say, “I am unique,” and “I am one-of-a-kind.” Each of our 23 pairs of chromosomal DNA makes us mutationally and situationally unique. Haecceity is that remarkable genetic (nature) and environmental (nurture) path that has led to my and your total distinctiveness from all other creatures that have ever existed and will ever exist.  We are unique individuals <-—> we have a distinct personhood. I acknowledge, admire and embrace Joseph Campbell’s proposal that, “the privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”


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