Essential Nature

Paul Tillich felt, “most human beings are in a state of actual conflict with their own rationality and therefore unable to affirm their essential being courageously,” which is when “the power of being is identified with virtue, and consequently with essential nature. Virtue is the power of acting exclusively according to one’s true nature. The degree of virtue is the degree to which somebody is striving for and trying to confirm his own being.” (1952) I  am cautious of who I will allow to inquire and gain insight into my essential being. I have learned the hard way that revealing my real-being, strengths and weaknesses, can be a risky business. There are scoundrels among us who will turn that information against us. One time I let my guard down and allowed myself to be seriously taken advantage of by a user and an abuser. I am now very guarded and cautious of who I will entrust my inner heart to. It is a matter of trust and mistrust. Now someone will know me to the degree I allow them  to know me. I advise readers to be knowledgeable about people you allow to see the multi-levels of yourself. Not everyone has the right to know the “real you.” They have to earn that right by way of respect that comes by way of truthfulness and trustfulness.

essential nature


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