Spirituality: Ontic Being

Ontic Being is an umbrella arch term I developed to better answer the questions: “Who am I?,”  and “What am I?” Ontic Being is a naturalistic concept that lines up with our supranaturalistic ability to activate what is within us (epi-genetic and energetic connotations). I propose Ontic Being as a postulation that includes and involves the natural Self <–> the spiritual Self. Ontic entails the Greek word onto that concerns and applies to real or existence. Ontic evokes the French entite (entity) where entite involves essence or realness. I incorporate ontic as a portmanteau like concept (onto + ic). I regard one’s Ontic Being as a person’s indomitable essential Self-Spirit. Ontic Being is the personification of our natural inherited uniqueness. I suggest that in the process of understanding our real natural Self ––> we are in the process of understanding our real spiritual Self.

Using the term ontic makes sense to me, because it is an ontological concept focusing on the nature of our real being instead the presentation of a catfishing parodizing fictional persona, an incognito being, or some  estranged role-playing of the Self. Ontic Being is not performing a deceiving façade imitational parody of the Self. Ontic Being is an awakening to the real me —> the real-is-real me. When I am not being the real me I only end up betraying myself, and this only ends up cheating myself. There is no need of putting on airs. The need to be oneself supersedes any supplanted views of oneself. My Ontic Being is my enduring Self<–>Spirit that ultimately comes closer to answering the questions, “Who am I?,” and “What am I?’ As this narrative broadens, I will shortly point out that there is no single or definitive answer to these questions. For human nature has made for multidimensional features and multilayered traits that make for multi-level views of the Self-Spirit.