Myth of Jesus Christ

It was St. Paul who created the abysmal myth of Jesus Christ as a super-being. I appreciate and respect Jesus as a supra-being, a wise man, an enlightened messenger, but he is not some superbeing. Supranaturalism encourages (demands) an investigation into the properties of Nature. Is it time to overhaul and enthrone a rational monistic term like supra-naturalism, and dethrone that dualistic and divisive term  super- naturalism? Is it time for a negation, an exfoliation, a shredding, and repudiation of a fictional superbeing? I say it is time to throw all unreasonable and insupportable man-made supernatural atrocities into the garbage bin of history. I reject and can finally say good night to my night-marish childish-childhood worldview. My conscience will no longer allow me to entertain, tolerate, or adhere to the travesty of such a destructive anti-Nature and anti-human concept. My narrative is a denunciatory writing of the damage this cruel concept of supernaturalism has brought to the human world. I end my personal era of supernaturalism, and I begin my era of supranaturalism. If the supernaturalists of this world condemn this Naturalist-Libertarian and his supranaturalistic tendencies and ambitions as a persona non grata, I will gladly accept that appellation as an immense honor. I realize that karma might come back and smack me, or bite me in the ass, but I readily admit that I get great pleasure in mischievously goating and stirring up those silly supernaturalists of this world. :))

Myth of Christ

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