I have asked, “Can supranaturalism be that watershed Camusian concept that demands reason and must be rationally and extensively studied?” I endorse supranaturalism as a revolutionary supposition that for me is intuitively inviting. Instinctually inviting because I accept supranaturalism as a intuitive push-up idea from transgenerational feedback into consciousness. I conceive of supranaturalism as having the potential of defining and being a seminal naturalistic transvaluative notion. Transvaluation implies transposing, varying, clarifying, deviating, and defying conventional standards. In this case an inversion from the normative standards of supernaturalism. I view super-naturalism as an amorphous concept having little context. I envision supra-naturalism as strategically conceptualizing and contextualizing a naturalistically based precept. I understand supra-natural as a transformational portmanteau precept (supra + nature). I ask, “Can supranaturalism be that proto-naturalistic proposition encompassing an activation and an energizing of our spiritual nature?” 


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