Spirituality: Supranaturalism

I postulate and entertain the fact that all that exists are properties of subatomic particles that for 13.7 bya have been mathematically reorganizing themselves through Nature’s 4 fundamental forces. They are not supernatural products, but are animate and inanimate handiworks of Nature. I attest that supranaturalism is an anti-supernaturalistic presupposition reconciling the spiritual with the natural. It embraces humans as a physical, biological, and spiritual species, and prodigiously allows us to build upon/with our nature. It encourages us to be the homos sapiens (wise men) we are capable of being. Supranaturalism accepts, trusts, respects, and cooperates with Nature, instead of denying, demonizing, or controlling it. I visualize, conceptualize, and contextualize a naturalistic worldview having equalizing and balancing forces within Nature, human nature, and our own nature. The ramifications of endorsing supranaturalism suggests that the potential exists for us to substantially satisfy our Nature based needs, and that we can build upon/with our natural inheritance and have some end-result times that include supra-meaning, supra-balance, and supra-health.


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