I Know that I know ….

In my journey I came to ask, “Is it time to demythologize the entire dualistic concept of supernaturalism?“ Why should humanity endure and be burdened with the divisiveness this supposition entails? I asseverate that the man-made concept of supernaturalism as promulgated by most religions is a nonfactor and is unfounded —>  there is NO need for it to exist. What happens if a monistic concept like supra-naturalism is embraced? Even during my “religious days”  I was skeptical of supernaturalism. It is a man-made contra-rational concept! If studied, scrutinized, and analyzed it invariably doesn’t stand up under the microscopic focus of intuitive feedback and rational thinking. I strongly maintain there is not a scintilla of scientifically fact-based evidence that supports a supernatural or a superbeing existence. Supernaturalism is the absurdity of saying, “there is absolutely no way I can scientifically and logically defend my belief system but I stand by and defend it anyway.” Isn’t it kind of absurd to defend the indefensible? Over the years “religious” acquaintances of mine have defended their supernatural beliefs by saying, “I know that I know, that I know that I know.” What a goddamn egotistical superiority defense of fatuity. Their use of “I know” is basically a sandbagging defense mechanism since there is no way to logically and factually defend such supernatural nonsense. Isn’t it futile to try to make sense out of nonsense? My standard answer for those who believe in virgin births, corpses rising from the dead, saints and sinners, devils and hellfire is, “I know, that you know, that there is no way deep-down you can possibly believe that bullshit.” I know, that you know, that anyone who allows themselves to critically think can be that goddamn stupid. I emphatically state, “Why supernatural when Nature is so amazing!” Why a superbeing when this dualistic and divisive generalization has brought so much cruelty, misery, pain, fighting, and disunity to the human world.

I know that I know