Supra vs. Super

Super vs Supra – I consider it essential to point out that super and supra are frequently used interchangeably. However, I advance the notion and take a stance that for spirituality, these two prefixes have extraordinary differences:

  • Super means above, over, or superior. Super consists of something that is paranormal (i. e. abnormal). Supernatural is a characterization of being superior to Nature, and in the process separates the spirit from the body. Supernaturalism is an erroneous bastardization of Nature and is outside of the natural order of things (outside the natural world). Supernatural is a metaphysical concept that allows for functioning outside and beyond immutable naturalistic forces. Supernaturalism is a surpassing of Nature’s  normal rhythmic patterns, order, forces, harmony, and balance. That makes supernatural preternatural: 1.) it exists outside of Nature, 2.) it exceeds Nature, 3.) it can’t be explained using natural concepts, and 4.) it can’t be studied by science. The end result makes supernatural detached from both Nature and human nature. I want to indicate that supernatural contains the profoundly absurd and undefinable concepts of a holy spirit (holy ghost) and the existence of a fictional soul.
  • Supra embodies the words upon and with: 1.) upon comes from the Latin uperi (to extend). What if there is a supranatural that is part of the rhythmic patterns, order, forces, harmony, and balance of the natural world but can be extended and enhanced by being built upon it, and 2.) is with Nature (not against) making supra within the natural patterns, order, harmony, and balance of the natural world, and this includes immutable natural forces. Supra is an inviting concept when contextually referred to as being upon/with Nature, for it then allows us to work with Nature, and it can be studied by science. Human beings are part of Nature; not above it. I propose supranaturalism as a conceptualization that includes human epigenetic activation —> switch-on and build upon/with our genetic make-up. I view supranaturalism as encompassing energetics ––> building upon/with Nature increases our natural energy. Conceptualizing and contextualizing the supra prefix in concordance with epigenetics and energetics indicates extraordinary (supra-ordinary) and evolutionary self-growth (supra-growth) can take place for humans upon/with Nature.
  • supra

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