Spirituality vs. Religion

As my journey pressed-on I came to realize that I needed to ask the questions, “Is it possible to be a spiritual person without being a religious person?,” “Is it conceivable to be a spiritual person and not belong to an organized religion?,” and “Can a person be spiritual and at the same time be an agnostic or atheist?” I submit that the answers to all of these questions is yes. The answers are yes, if we acknowledge that religion is man-made and spirituality is nature-made. Vaillant declared that, “religion arises from culture; spirituality arises from biology.” (2008) Spirituality invites us to become awakened to ourselves and to the world around us. Each Self-Spirit has a life encapsulated in Nature, human nature, and one’s own nature. I announce that this awakening can happen without adhering to any religion. I recognize that for some spirituality can include religion but it doesn’t have to. Really, to be a spiritual person doesn’t even require a belief in a God.

sprituality vs religion

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