Awakening Myself

My understanding of spirituality importantly includes a re-routing and inner-working path of awakening myself-to-myself, thus making it a crucial path of awakening of spirit-to-spirit connections with others. Connection becomes a matter of my Self (my spirit) experiencing another Self (another spirit). Spirit-to-spirit awakening experiences evolve from the exclusive individuality of the Self (us), to the inclusive mutuality of belonging (we). Spirituality is a major way to cross the Prime Dualistic border and build relationships through attachment, affiliation, and connection. I go on and proclaim that self-awakening connects us with the collective human spirit from our trans-generational inheritance. Our 3,700,000,000 year old life-to-life connections are a direct route that connects us with our 13,700,000,000 year old Universe. Spirituality surely involves our search for deeper spiritual awakening nature-based experiences with the Universe that we are embedded in and is deep-seated in us. For Capra, “the experience of being connected with all of nature; of belonging to the universe, is the very essence of spirituality.” (2010)


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