Myself = Myspirit

I definitively state, proclaim, and enthusiastically announce that my-self is really another way of referring to my-spirit. My Self’s doppelganger is My Spirit <—> My Spirit’s poltergeist is My Self. I consider them to be equivalent and of the same substance. Period! I now include Self = Spirit in my naturalistic worldview. In the sense that my-self and my-spirit are the same thing and of the same substance, I consider that I am indeed a very spiritual person. Please stay with my reasoning on this. Do you understand that when I say I am a spiritual person I am trying to experience, to be aware of, learn about, try understand, and attempt to comprehend as much about myself, my inner world, my life, and the world around me as I can? Spirituality for me has become a process aimed at deeply knowing myself in a world of nature and in a world with other people. Thus, for me spirit and spirituality are naturalistic concepts, not supernatural concepts.  Period!

my spirit


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