Spirituality: Awakening

I have ascertained that the concept of spirituality is frequently associated with the word awakening. John Selby said there exists a need for “awakening the primal spiritual truths of human existence.” (2003) I postulate that a noteworthy part of my/our journey is an awakening of ourselves to our life. I adamantly portend that spirituality is a critical part of our journey’s awakening ourselves-to-ourselves. An awakening that can reset and anew a path towards self-evolutionary changes. A spirituality that is awakening surely is an evolutionary process that is inspirational and aspirational. Buddhism advocates that we become like the Buddha; the “awakened one.” Alcoholics Anonymous recommends and stresses its members have a spiritual awakening. I associate this breath of life awakening as an inner dynamic energetic spiritual awakening to human nature, our collective inheritance, and our personal inheritance. To view spirituality from an awakening perspective becomes a matter of what we really about, who we really am, what our true intentions really are, and relates to one’s authentic Self. Neuroscientist Antonio Damasio announced spirituality as “an organizing scheme behind a life that is well-balanced, well-tempered, and well-intended.” (2006) In later posts, I explain how well-balance and supra-balance have a significant presence in the Theory of Balanceology.


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