What is Spirituality?

I started off my journey with major goal of repealing-and-replacing a childhood supernatural worldview and to come to a better understanding of myself.  As my journey unfolded,  I was finally able to put my childhood worldview to sleep. In my journey I also strived to initiate a path to better know myself.  It came a time when I attempted to present my understanding of the concept of spirituality and how it plays into my new naturalistic worldview and my self-understanding. In posts to come, I will indicate how spirituality is embedded within our essential being. I will propose that spirituality is involved with our search for higher nature-based meaning and truths. I first point out that spirituality contains the root word spirit. Some derivatives of the word spirit include: 1.) from the Latin spiro that can mean ‘breathe,’ 2.) from the Greek the word for spiritual is psyche which literally means to breathe (also to blow and to live), 3.) from the Hebrew the word for spirit is ruach with some wind and breath connotations, and 4.) from Sanskrit we have the word atman (meaning breath, or real self). According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, “spirit primarily means wind,” (in Ericson ed. 2003).



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