Manichaeism  is to Zorastrianism, as Gnosticism is  to Orthodox Christianity. Orthodox Christian views have greatly hampered our ability to realize the intuitive/experiential knowledge  that can help guide us. How different Western/Persian history might have turned out if the Gnostic/Manichanean world views were permitted to grow and flourish. Instead of obtaining inner  knowledge gained through experience, we have 2,000 years of  externally dictated patriarchal dogma and doctrine. Manes was the founder of Persian Manichaeism (3rd Cent AD). From Manichaeism comes the intuitive word mani, or light inside. Manichaeism combined some of the Gnostic views with some of the traditional views of Zoroastrianism. However, some of the more syncretic views that Manichaeism adopted would come to collide with the more divisive worldview of Zoroaster. The same kind of trouble the syncretic Gnostics encountered with Orthodox Christianity, the syncretic Manicheans would encounter  with Zoroastrians. Carl Gustav Jung was just fascinated by the Gnostic worldview. For Jung, the Gnostic intuitive process correlated with his view of a collective unconscious.


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