Jesus the Man

I could be a Christian (or any other religion) if Jesus Christ (or any other messenger) was viewed as the epic founder, enlightened messenger of a religion who’s main message was/is to have a mission (purpose) to search for truth and higher Truth. Viewing Jesus Christ as an epic messenger like the other historical epic messengers would have made all the difference for Christians and their emotional, rational and spiritual development and maturation. The historical Jesus lived and died a Jew, and was very much a human being having all of our strengths, urges, and flaws. To view Jesus Christ as a revolutionary human messenger open to women, the poor, the sick, and societies outcasts would have made all the difference for historical Christianity. Instead, Christian’s unthinkingly invented Christ the divine, and placed him in the extreme stupidity of a fatalistic Trinitarian arrangement (a multiple personality God), and ever since have locked and imprisoned him in an exclusionary dogma of “Our God.”

Jesus the Man

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