Hairesis is a Greek word meaning choice; it is where the word heresy comes from. Thus, one chooses to make a heresy. Early Christian hersiologists indicated that the Gnostics made several heretical mistakes and errors, with the Adrian Heresy the most prominent error. The Adrian Heresy denied the divinity of Jesus Christ. Emperor Constantine, in 325 AD called for the Council of Nicaea to settle the Adrian Heresy controversy; the heresy that questioned Christ being God. I argue that what came out of the council was a major mistake that has continued to reverberate over the centuries. The major dogma presented by the council was the Trinitarian Doctrine. It set in motion a multiple person- ality of God the Father, Son (Christ), and a Holy Ghost. It invented a dissociative God,  and  made Christ part of a tripartite travesty. It has meant for  2,000 years Christ has been worshiped as a God, instead of  the iconic and intuitive messenger he really was/is. Rene Descartes created the 2-headed monster of mind being separate from body, but long before him the Nicaea Council created the 3-headed monster of the Trinity. I admire Friedrich Nietzsche on so many levels, but I disagree with his description of Jesus as an “idiot.” Jesus the man had progressive and enlightened views and ideas well ahead of his time. However, for some 2,000 years Christians have locked Jesus into this supernatural creature instead of a gifted messenger who appears to have insight into Nature’s truths, human nature truths, and maybe even higher truths related to Nature.


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