Man-made Religions

Supernatural inaneness is the product of man-made dogmatic religions implanting beliefs into the impressionable young (or extremely naïve). Once implanted there is a proliferation of  unsubstantiated dogma. Supernatural beliefs beget supernatural beliefs ––> silliness begets silliness. More reasonable beings then us would not be susceptible to such unnatural absurdities. Such supernatural foolishness must be abandoned before any spirituality of deeper connection can take place. If a person desires taking a journey to self-evolve emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually that person must evaluate and challenge where appropriate their current beliefs. However, the trouble is once such beliefs have been cemented in the human brain few will contest such absolutes. I say enough is enough! I call on rationally minded people of good will to adamantly stand-up to these man-made religions that have so damaged humanity. With an amplified voice denounce this destructive madness. Yet, I fear for the vast majority of insecure, paranoid, lonely humans the hoax and bad joke of supernaturalism will continue until our brain has had a chance to neuro-anatomically reconfigure itself through evolution, and can redevelop itself to the extent where we no longer fear death or the forces of Nature, and can finally abandon a supernaturalism that has been so destructive to the human world. In the Epilogue of my book, I discuss the Next Step in Human Evolution.

man-made religion

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