Simple Believers

Clement of Alexandria was a 2nd-3rd Century theologian who spoke of the ease of converting the many uneducated “simple believers” of his day to Christianity. I do understand and can sympathize with these early believers who needed something to believe in. However, I have scant patience with supernatural believers in an age of the Big Bang. It is disconcerting to me, but if someone truly believes some of this protestable, implausible, supernatural foolishness I can accept that is where that person is emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. However, I have little respect for their abstract ratiocination skills. If a person believes in a circus of virgin births, bodies rising from the dead, and devils it is difficult for me to have an intelligent conversation with that person about spirituality, higher meaning, or Truth. John Friel pointed out that, “some people believe that God is actually an old man with a long beard. Most people who believe that are around 4 years old, either chronologically or emotionally.” (1993) This ineptitude demonstrates 3rd rate thinking, 3rd grade mentality, and is surely an indication of developmental infantilism and perpetual pedomorphism. I view such silliness along the lines of the Easter Bunny, Halloween ghosts and goblins, Santa Claus, and Ronald McDonald. I evaluate such foolishness as being equivalent to the fairy tales of Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Mother Goose, Beauty and the Beast, and Pinocchio.

clement of alexandria

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