Supernatural Silliness

If religious indoctrination takes place young enough it is astonishing what humans will believe. Faith imregnated people reject any opposition, are oppressive-minded, self-pietistical, deontologically punishment prone, and are fidelistic zealots for their religion. Religious dogmatic insemination leads to a mind-boggling ad nauseam of gobstruck unnatural, ill-natural, unbalanced, ill-balanced beliefs/values and hierophanic needs of proof such as:   Immaculate conception (virgin births), original infant sin, limbo, purgatory, sacred crosses,  simony, venial sins, mortal sins, selling of indulgences, water converted  into wine,  holy water,  miracle  water,  holy grail,  sainthood, barbaric Inquisitions, a holy spirit creature,  winged angels,  devils, intact hymen at birth, crucifixion, resurrected corpses, ascension, celibacy (repression), miracles (magic), hellfire and damnation, a patriarchical God, a trinity (multiple personality and dissociative God), pearly gates,  transubstantiation,  cannibalistic eucharisitic  celebration, exorcisms,  meaningless and  monotonous prayers, souls, paradise, seducing serpents,  Rapture,  Garden of Eden, Adam & Lilith (1st wife), Adam & Eve (2nd wife), anti-Christ(s), saints-sinners, demons, Noah’s Ark, walking on water, corpse worship, flying into skyscrapers and rewarded with 57 virgins,  God sitting on a cloud to judge, judge, judge –> an absolute and endless display of nonthinking, rebarbative, incommodious,    and profound supernatural silliness.

supernatural silliness

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