Amgod is dogma spelled backwards. Infallible dogmas always go beyond religious belief and ultimately head in the direction of power, control, economics, politics, money and wealth. Dogma interferes with examining life’s Great Mysteries by disrupting a personal search for truths and the Truth. For years dogma bollixed my journey into deeper sexuality, love, conscience based morality, emotional experiences, and my ability to think abstractly and rationally. Dogma is “deus ex machine,” or “god from the machine.” The machine of indoctrination, concrete thinking, and robotic behaviors. Immanuel Kant said, “the death of dogma is the birth of morality.” (Huberman quotes, 2007)  Dorothy Parker put forth, “you can’t teach an old dogma new tricks.” (20th Cent) I suspect Voltaire had in mind Catholic Church dogma and persecution when he announced “ecraser l’infame,” or “crush the infamous thing!”

I am god

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