Pontificating Dogma

Pontificating dogma locks religions into defending stupidity. Religions have a pontification of their dogmatic opinions being the only way, and a proselytizing of the truth as they see it. I put forth that religions often do a better job of worshipping their dogma than their God. Each religion demands their putative follower subservience, submissiveness, and obedience to stultified dogmas. Dogmatic dictums say we have the penultimate truth. Dogmatic beguiling proclamations of having knowledge of truths and Truth become dogmatism that quickly morphs into a moralism of do’s and don’ts. An infestation of rancorous dogma cripples the ability for individuals to personally experience truths and Truth. Religious dogmatic truths/Truth are repeated over and over again because they need to be repetitive! According to J. Krishnamurati, “the constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear.” (20th Cent)

pontificating dogma

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