It has taken me a long time to come to the realization that I live in a majestic world and on a dynamic planet. It has taken me time to understand the naturalistic foundation in my life. As my experiences and understanding of the many aspects of the natural world have grown, my life has become a more peaceful journey. We are all born into a Universe with few but key universal natural dualisms. But we are raised in cultures that have an unlimited number of dualisms, with most of them man-made and often unnatural. Dualisms exist. As human beings we have a choice to accept, trust, respect and work-with-Nature’s dualisms. However, we frequently interpret Nature and say this is the way Nature ought to be, instead of the way it really is.  We are on a lifelong journey of self-discovery between the “is” of Nature and human nature, and the “ought” of how we believe Nature and human nature should be. Only by slowly, patiently, and empathetically working with the current stage of human evolutionary development (is) can there be any long term hope for future characterological humanistic growth (ought) of our species. Do we have a conquest view of Nature to fulfill our many acquired wants? Or, do we have a cooperative view of Nature in our attempts to satisfy natural needs?  It is Nature’s directive and it is within our own nature to work-with-nature, and to follow Nature’s pointers. Humankind has found out in the long run that we  can’t outwit Nature. There are repercussions for anyone who tries to control Nature. In the end such attempts at control will only penalize us from satisfying needs, experiencing life, and living a balanced-centered life.

learn from nature

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