The intense anger towards my childhood religion indoctrinators has greatly dissipated. However, I still bristle that supernatural craziness continues to be taught. Tragically millions and millions of Jews, Christians, and Moslems around the globe are imprisoned in a world of foolish anti-nature beliefs, dogmas, and doctrines. It is inconceivable to me how these atrocities are performed in the name of religion. It is incomprehensible to understand the extreme  damage done in the name of a loving, yet schizophrenic and abusive God. I try to have the courage and fortitude to confront the demagogues of hatred in this world. I try to stand-up to these powerful oppressive indoctrinators. In the spirit of resolute determination this Naturalist-Liberitarian commits himself to challenge and to expose those doing evil deeds in the name of incredulous man-made religion. I will demonstrably speak-my-mind to those who profoundly misinterpret and misalign the truths emanating from Perennial Wisdom’s Natural Moral Code. The days of tip-toeing around reprehensible man-made religions is over for critically thinking people. Enough ink has been spilled-and-wasted on writing supernatural falsehood. I dedicate myself to fastidiously denounce and call-out the religious purveyors of bigotry and hypocrisy. I will reveal these unconscionable haters. I will confront the fallacious death-phobic institutions of concretistic thinking and separation. I will castigate these peddling dapifers auctioning off to the highest bidder and selling off their seed-faith fear-mongering religious dogma.

speak my mind

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