Childhood Brainwashing

In an ironic way, I am content with my early years of religious training and indoctrination. The questions coming from childhood brainwashing became the silver-lining that encouraged me to read, study, and research in many fields of learning and to be exposed to innovative ideas from many writers and thinkers. This self-questioning forced me to deeply look within myself, listen to intuitive feedback coming from transgenerational inheritance, and to gather the fortitude to finally break away from that poisonous early conditioning. Paradoxically, that early training set me on fire and on a life course of searching for exculpatory evidence for the mysterious truths  in Nature, and in human nature. It set me on an amazing journey and opened up a bright sky where I am trying to find my place in this world and to answer the questions, “Who am I?,” and “What am I?” It is a journey I plan to continue the rest of my life. The Theory of Balanceology is a reflection and a presentation of where I currently stand in this journey.


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