Dualistic Battlefield

In my mid-twenties there ignited in me an intense battle centered around an anachronistic horse-and-buggy childhood supernatural worldview, and building a definitional natural worldview that I could live by. My dualistic battle became an infuriating, formidable, and daunting task to repeal-and-replace an obsolete moth-eaten worldview. My dualistic battlefield became a fierce insistent, persistent, consistent internal struggle between adhering to an unnatural supernaturalism proclaiming to have truths, and a strong intuitive push-up into consciousness calling me to chart a course of investigating the nature of reality for myself —> discover my own truths. A heuristic self-investigative process where I hoped to discover truth(s) and if there is higher meaning and purpose that can be found in the natural world. It took a real contentious internal struggle over many years to make a self-abnegation of denouncing, castigating, and disavowing the profound travesty of man-made unnatural dogmas, doctrines, beliefs, and values. It required years of tediously disassembling and progressively dismantling a stamped-in childhood supernatural worldview.


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