Good-Evil Dualism

Dualistic religions always have good guys and bad guys. Religions appear to get some distorted pleasure in having protagonistic forces vs. antagonistic forces at work. The core dualism for Christianity (core trauma and drama) is the battle between good and evil. This good-evil (good/bad) dichotomy only leads to my religion is good (right) and your religion is bad (wrong). This good-evil dichotomy is a huge naturalistic fallacy violator with the many value judgments made about Nature and human nature. The dualistic concepts of spirit-body, hell-heaven, saints-devils, and good-evil have come to view human nature as sinful. Many religions scathingly denounce, pharisaically assault, and duplicitously make an attack on human nature, and human needs by twisting and making a complete mischaracterization of what it means to be a human being.

good vs evil

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