Saints-Sinners Dualism

Dualistic religions preach about saints and sinners. We have sanctimonious preachers who appear to enjoy ranting about the raining down of fire from Heaven on us earthly sinners. Dualistic religions introduced the supernatural forces of saints and devils, and good angels competing with bad angels. Religions created farfetched opposing superbeings constantly in battle competing for the souls of us ordinary bone-blood humans. Unfortunately, many individuals pay homage to these outlandish man-made super-creatures. Let me give a couple examples of how humans can believe the unbelieveable: 1.) it is difficult for me to understand how anyone can believe in guardian angels that protect a person (some say reside on our shoulder), or 2.) Catholic Church dogma saying that if there is “proof” of two miracles produced in the name of a deceased person that person can become a “saint.”

saints vs. sinners

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