Heaven-Hell Dualism

Hell (fictional dystopia) is ostensibly the realm of the damned. Heaven (fictional utopia) is supposedly the realm of the saved. Many religions have their laudatory chosen few destined to go to Heaven (the saved) and their derogatory many discarded to Hell (the damned). In Greek mythology Hades is the Underworld; land of the dead. Gulley and Mulholland said, “much of the pain and suffering in our world is a direct consequence of a persistent belief in dual destiny – the idea that some are destined for heaven and the rest for hell.” (2004) I argue that Hell is a learned fear concerning perdition and a deontological punishment of eternal damnation. Deontological punishment of the religious kind is revenge against anyone daring to disagree with certain dogma(s). I acutely agree with Christopher Hitchens that, “nothing proves the man-made character of religion as obviously as the sick mind that designed hell, unless it is the society limited mind that has failed to describe heaven – except as a place  of either worldly comfort, eternal tedium, or, as Tertullian thought, continued relish in the torture of others.” (2007) I maintain that humans are capable of being such a mean species that we do not deserve this fictional fantastical Heaven. And, as a mean species such as ours, what does it say about a God who said “let us make man in our own image, and after our likeness?” (Gen. 1:26) I ask, “Is it a mean and revengeful God that is responsible for creating a species that is capable of such mean and revengeful behaviors?”

Heaven vs. Hell


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