God of Vengeance

Gulley and Mulhollan refer to the dualistic “fear-based and heaven earning religions.” (2004) Dualism has been involved in Abrahamic religions from the start and has led to a “theology of separation.” (Walsch, 2005) Propagandistic fear-based religions contribute to shame, guilt, anxiety, mistrust, depression, drug addiction, sexual repression/ obsession, and even suicide. Condescending dualistic religions have a view of a damning God (a God of damnation), a malicious diety of retribution. A sophomoric despotic jealous God who throws a temper tantrum when he doesn’t get his own way. A bipolar God who can build us up, but quickly turns on a dime and viciously tears us down. Christian apologists refer to a “God of Love,” yet, bipolarly describe a “God of Vengeance” who condemns human beings to an eternity of hellfire. I laugh, I mock, and I ridicule the very preconception of any demented reckoning of revanche-and-revenge coming from such a sadistic man-made and make-believe superbeing. Why would you/I/anyone worship such a destructive and despicable creature? Why would you/I/anyone not only try to avoid and destroy such a varmint? Reasonable minds should call for the deicide of this theistic brute. So many terrible and abominable things have been done in the name of this man-made horrific God. I decry and lambaste this execrable sardonic beast. This grossly sordid creature is no more than a man-made fantasy product of sickening faith-driven dogmatic preaching by angry fear-driven infantile religions. Our innate need for higher meaning, purpose, and order will never be satisfied and fulfilled through this fictional debauched beast-of-vengenace.

god of vengeance



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