Naturalist Fallacy & Religion

Religions are major offenders of taking what “is” (i. e. Nature and human nature) and making it into what their fallacious dogma and doctrines say it “ought” to be. Religions are experts at categorizing human beings as good and evil, or damned and saved. The Big 3 Abrahamic religions do an excellent job of demeaning and demonizing all of us as sinners. The Big 3 are highly skilled at sowing childhood demoralizing seeds of guilt and shame. They are masters at throwing us off balance mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Words such as sinner, bad, evil, damned, and you are no good are thrown around without any concern or sense of the damage that is being done emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. Damage that only adds to a human nature that is already prone towards insecurity,  mistrust,  anxiety, paranoia, and loneliness. In fact, religions carelessly-yet-carefully opportunistically capitalize on, exploit, and manipulate that part of our nature that genetically leans towards anxiety, paranoia, mistrust, and loneliness and in the process compounds and makes these inborn conditions traumatically worse.

naturalistic fallacy

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