Money Changers in the Temple

I stridently denounce the spiritually bankrupt “men of god,” who practice seed faith money-grubbing. These cowardly buffoons and their bag-of-magic and superstitious tricks. I castigate these men-of-the-cloth who have become wealthy by their exploitable-and-expendable cannon fodder devotees. It is difficult for me to hear the insufferable ranting coming from a toxic sinkhole of midget minds. These modern-day money changers in the temple. These “Christian” parasitical money-grubbing men who became cash cow multi-millionaires the likes of Joel Osteen, Billy Graham, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, and the walrus T. D. Jakes. I do suggest there is a fair share of subterfuge hucksters in Judaism and Islamism. I get angry with the continuous foolish bile coming out of the mouths of these “religious” preachers. I am indignant and get frustrated with the multitude of their concrete thinking minions who deliriously, maniacally, and robotically believe in such false unnatural and supernatural garbage. I am easily irritated with the sententious and insufferable raging-and-raving coming out of their foolish mouths and their endless preaching about the anti-human and hateful dualistic unsubstantiated concepts related to sin, devils, demons, hellfire, and damnation.

money changers from the temple


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