Religion and Nature

Friedrich Nietzsche proposed that a pontificating Christianity developed a moral system that inverts Nature. In The Anti-Christ, he said Christianity is “hostile to nature” and is a “religion of pity.” (1895) Actually, all of the Abrahamic religions have developed a moralistic bastardization and a toxicity towards Nature by evaluating natural human instincts as depraved. The Big 3 Religions show an insistent, consistent-and-persistent hostility, aversion, and repugnance towards human biological drives. Holier-than-thou anti-nature dogmatic religions continue their disdainful recriminations and insidious banalizing attack on the natural propensities of humans. Religions nonsensically blast against the Satanic Triumvirate from the natural world —> the flesh, the human body, and Nature itself. Abrahamic religions make a mockery and extortion of Nature with a radical anti-hedonistic stance towards enjoyment of our bodies, especially a frightening condemnatory anti-sex view. Religions display a censorious denunciation of the natural world, yet satirically and hypocritically gain materially by engaging in the human world (eg. seed faith). Toxic religions contradict the laws of Nature by subordinating human natural desires to the dictates of a fabricated unnatural exacting deity.

nature is my religion


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