Man-made Religions

I have heard the argument made that without the knowledge of our impending death religion is not necessary. Are religions based on a fear-mongering of the Triune Mystery concerning death? Is a religion’s main purpose to help self-aware human beings cope with our knowledge of death? Doesn’t it appear that many religions have a pathological fixation on death? Often it appears to me that more attention is given to prepare for an afterlife than on living this life. It seems that religion gives death phobic humans a means to transcend death. I maintain that transcending death surely has some correlation with our solipsistic reality that utterly cannot imagine our non-reality. According to Sam Harris, “the first indication of a religious belief can be seen in the burial sites of later Neanderthaloids.” (1969) I contend that religions are man-made interpretations of Nature that attempt to understand the mystery of death. The early religions were also man-made attempts to understand Nature’s dramatic forces seen in lighting, forest fires, floods, volcanoes, tsunamis, etc. Christopher Hitchens suggested, “the mildest criticism of religion is also the most radical and the most devastating one. Religion is man-made.” (2007) I contend that religions are merely man-made exercises in creating a God <—> a God did not create humans. I assert and advance the idea that all religions are man-made bad jokes that have gone way too far (more to come). I propose that man-made religions write spurious “truths” according to their ideological and theological views that are based on their interpretation of reality.

man-made religion


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