Myths: Intuition

I theorize that the common denominator for enhanced messenger insight (review previous post) is a deep drive to be conscious, aware, comprehend, and gain knowledge of the natural and human worlds. This deep dive is about having the giftedness of intuition and being born with dispositional empathy. They possess and are supremely skilled with enhanced intuitive and empathic abilities. These abilities give them access to various aspects of Nature, human nature, and their own nature. There are historical figures who have deeply delved into the materialistic phenomenal world. I suggest that what set these messengers apart is having the prowess to comprehend this phenomenal material world. However, I suspect that the ultimate elite messengers also had/have the deftness to appreciably comprehend the noumenal dematerialized world. I surmise that it is this contact and insight of these 2-worlds that lead them to a blast of brilliance and  productivity in their field of interest. It behooves us to review the biographies of these messengers, try to emulate and learn from them, and give a proper commemoration to the substantial legacies they left behind. In the Theory of Balanceology I  frequently quote and give honor to these special women and men. It is incumbent upon us to understand their historical revelatory messages that may help us on our own journey of self-discovery towards greater appreciation and understanding of Nature, human nature, and our own nature, and a building of our own worldview.


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