Messengers – In my efforts to construct a new worldview, I have enthusiastically enjoyed reading and researching esoteric messengers who tried to understand the natural and human worlds. I have studied a host of commendable messengers including scholars, historians, psychologists, philosophers, musicians, physicists, artists, writers, poets, biologists, astronomers, mathematicians, physicians, and novelists. I reviewed the work of these individuals who seem to be noble in both heart-and-mind. My naturalistic worldview came to be influenced by what I have learned from these sagacious individuals. I lionize, idolize, and even immortalize some of these legends. Out of all the billions of people who have ever lived there appears to be a select group of dignitaries having apocalyptic insight into the truths emanating from Perennial Wisdom. They’re a prime group of people who have a masterful ability to imagine and see around corners while the rest of us follow a straight-line. They are a small group of messengers who are able to convey ancestral messages of hope.


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