Myths: Carl Jung

Carl Jung investigated universal themes in Nature and the innate natural forces we human beings share. He called these innate nature-made forces archetypes Kenneth Burke felt “archetypes are not ‘things’ with definable edges, like tables, or chairs. They are titles for some kind of ‘principle.’ And, their embodiment in story (myth) quite spontaneously destroys borders.”(2003) Archetypes are valued in mythology due to sharing common human transgenerational and transcultural experiences. In my attempts to understand Mythology, I have come to understand myths as projections emerging from a pre-human and human collective unconscious. For me, cross-cultural similarities in mythical language, themes, and images are historical evidence for transgenerational intuitive feedback.  James Campbell’s career is based on a mythology of archetypes from this collective unconsciousness. Jung became a major supporter of the writings of Campbell.

carl jung

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