Myths have a fictitious component, but they always contain some elements that are true. It just appears to me that there is some truth in most cultural myths! The idea of myth comes from the Greek concept of mythos meaning word, saying, or story. Myths often begin as allegories but are closely related to fables, folkloric stories, tribal stories, sagas, fairy tales, and parables. I know that there is tremendous power in mythology, storytelling, and symbolism. Human cultures and people live by their myths. Every culture has their own mythical rituals. Myths help cultures build their worldview. I know at some level we all create our own myths, stories, fables, dream weaving fantasies of who we are, or who we would like to be. My personal myths have helped me understand and manage some of life’s challenges and problems. Myths have actually acted as a defense mechanism for me in order to help me regulate some of the harsher realities that come with living.


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