Germany of the Third Reich is a prime example of how Nature and human nature was so dramatically-and-traumatically misinterpreted by the pyrotic abominations of Nazis doctrine. By sleight-of-hand, the Nazi’s notoriously distorted Friedrich Nietzsche’s concept of ubermensch by portraying Aryan people as supermen. I attest-and-detest that  cowardly Nazi “supermen” spread their despotic myth of eugenically pure people and their desire for hereditary improvement by selective breeding. The Nazis twisted Charles Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” by proclaiming the superiority of the Aryan race and by enslaving those they considered inferior. The dark fellowship of Nazis extremism of racial purity became an excuse to cherchez-le-juif, “look for the Jew” to exterminate the Jew. Nazis incendiary propaganda tried to seek out Jews, scapegoat them, and eliminate them by holocaustic methods.


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