Mysterious: Literature and the Arts

The Great Mysteries are frequently expressed in human literature and the arts (music, theatre, paintings, and sculpture). Literature and the arts attempt to comprehend the mysteries of our lives. Literature and the arts reflect on the human condition. Every so often we have esoteric individuals who appear to have some insight into human nature. Every so often we have iconic messengers who just seem to be in touch with cryptic Nature, human nature, and their own nature (more to come). These eminent messengers deserve special honor, adulation, homage, and respect for sharing their insights with the rest of us. Some of these insights are documented in literature and the arts. Literature is often about our search to find meaning in life <—> meaning in death. Quality literature frequently illustrates the universal motivational needs of happiness/sadness, human sexuality, love/hate, human relationships, the morality of good/evil, complex emotions, and matters related to the 7 deadly traits –—> lust, gluttony, envy, greed, sloth, anger, and pride. The stuff of much of great literature and poetry is involved with human tragedy. Quality literature often revolves around human drama where there is a protagonist (bad human) and an antagonist (good human). Literature and the Arts portrays us trying to comprehend the nature of the Triune Mysteries of creation, life, and death.

literature and the arts

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