Mystery of the Unknown

Do you think that we are all motivated to solve confounding mysteries from the most basic to those entailing ultimate existential concerns? I contend that it is in our genes, in our very nature to solve esoteric recondite mysteries. Our inquisitive nature attempts to discover the inscrutable that is shrouded in mystery —> the mystery of the unknown. Albert Einstein proposed, “we still do not know one thousandth of one percent what nature has revealed to us,” suggesting there is a huge number of unsolved mysteries. I enjoy trying to solve the unknown, mysterious, and mystifying. The quizzical brings out my skeptical, questioning, adventurous, libertarian, and even renegade side. In one way or another, I focus on experiencing and understanding the mystery of higher meaning each day of my life. The posts to come revolve around where my views related to the mystery of higher meaning currently reside. I will go into detail as this narrative advances, but at this stage of my life I strongly suspect that higher meaning has something to do with experiencing Nature’s truths.  For me, Nature’s truths are naturalistic based and no supernatural (much more to come).

Harrison mysteries

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