The Great Mysteries

I have a profound inner drive to find real meaning in my life (M-2), and purpose in my life. I have been on a curiosity mission for many years to fulfill this drive. This mission became substantially pronounced in my mid-twenties and continues to this day. This deep-seated desire to live a meaningful and purposeful life is intimately tied to a naturalistic worldview having a vision to satisfy my motivational needs (M-1). I discovered as I advance beyond trying to fulfill my more basal needs (Self, Belonging), onto my deeper needs (sexuality, love, morality, emotions, consciousness), and proceeding to my higher needs (truths/Truth) there has been an ever increasing mysterious component in this search. In previous posts, I maintained that in my attempts to comprehend human consciousness there is a huge mystifying factor. However, I have discerned that higher order needs and existential questions are by far the most inaccessible, non-explainable, and mysterious to understand. Actually, much of my life has been an intriguing journey into the undecipherable mysterious hidden-higher unknown. A goal of mine has been to at least loosen up some of the Gordian knots to these mysterious riddles. The Greek word musterion is the source of the word mystery and means something that is inexplicable, enigmatic, or difficult to comprehend. Mystery Analysis for me includes bringing greater meaning to my existence by solving Nature’s bewildering natural mysteries and those inscrutable existential mysteries that I suggest are interlocked and go hand-in-hand.

mystery quotes

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