Consciousness Summary

The Theory of Balanceology is a Nature-based paradigm.  A major part of the paradigm  indicates that we have Nature-based needs that we must try to satisfy as best we can, in order to live a life in balance.  The theory suggest that there are Basal Self-directed Needs of safety/security, worth, empowerment, and enjoyment.  The theory also designates the Basal Belonging-directed Needs of interpersonal belonging and social belonging. The more we satisfy our Basal Needs,  the more we are in a better position to satisfy our Deeper Needs of sex, love, morality, emotions, and consciousness.  The last several posts concentrated on our Consciousness Need. For me, Consciousness is an energetic force, an awakening life force, a primal need for us. It is to our benefit to experience the mysterious nature of consciousness at all its stages and levels.  Finally, the better we satisfy our Basal Needs and Deeper Needs sets the stage to explore our Higher Needs that can bring higher meaning and purpose to our life.  In the posts to come, I will be exploring out Higher Needs related to the great mysteries in life and spirituality.


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