Deeper Awareness & Comprehension

The majority of my life I have lived in the phenomenal perceptual world of Newtonian Physics, determinism, the laws of cause-and-effect, and of appearance. I understand this world has brought us the Scientific Revolution and has dramatically increased human material advancements. However, those same laws have not remarkably increased my/our capacity to go into deeper levels of awareness, comprehension, interpersonal connections, and authentic self-development. I have made major misinterpretations of the perceptual world of people, places, times, events, and objects. These misperceptions of the outer world have led to some real faulty assumptions on my part causing   problems in my life.

However, undeniably I have made even larger misinterpretations of the unconscious apperceptual world of intuition, emotions, dreams, and memories. Misapperceptions of the inner world came about because I wasn’t aware of them, and thus couldn’t interpret them. Over time, I came to  realize that if I want to experience more than just ordinary consciousness, I have to open myself up to the vast inner unconscious world. Over time, I came to the realization that if I want to experience beyond ordinary perception, I needed to experience apperception. Really, all of us need to experience and gain greater understanding of both these 2-worlds. And, importantly for deeper experiences, we must attempt to have a greater awareness and comprehension of the interaction between the conscious perceptual and the unconscious apperceptual worlds.

It becomes a matter of retrieving and surfacing dreams, memories, emotions, and intuitions to alertness so thinking can bring them into awareness and comprehension and make some sense of that a priori inner knowledge  (CACK Model). It is a matter of inquiry and gaining insight.  We must learn to make cortical interpretation of outer perceptions, but just as salient we must learn how to make cortical interpretation of our intuitions. We should have a goal of having greater consciousness, awareness, comprehension, and gathering of useable knowledge from these 2-worlds (review CACK Model).  We should desire to have a greater appreciation of what is happening in our brain by obtaining a much fuller picture of both perceptions and apperceptions that hopefully allow us to have a better understanding of Nature, the human condition, and especially of oneself  —>  Who am I?, and What am I?  I  adamantly maintain that deeper reality experiences can set the stage for higher reality experiences (much more to come).

deeper awareness

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