CACK Model & PI-NI

The CACK Model for both phenomenal intelligence and noumenal intelligence involves making the incomprehensible —> comprehensible, and thus providing us with valuable (useable) knowledge. Good things can happen if the contributions to a balanced life come from the overlap of the phenomenal perceptual world and the noumenal apperceptual world.  From the PI-NI overlap and interaction, wisdom can come.

In the Theory of Balanceology,  I present in detail a strategy for an overlap coupling process. The overlap amounts to a coupling of our inner unconsciousness to outer consciousness where it can be brought to a cognitive awareness and comprehension. Much of the modern era has concentrated on the world of outer consciousness (PI) alone. However, ignoring our inner unconscious (NI) world has been costly for both individual and cultural evolution. What follows is a graphic presentation of the CACK Model for the 2-worlds of phenomenality and noumenality.

cackmodel chart

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