Phenomenal Intelligence (PI) & Noumenal Intelligence (NI)

Phenomenal Intelligence and Noumenal Intelligence –  In my recent posts, I fully understand how the phenomenal perceptual and noumenal apperceptual dichotomy are difficult concepts to digest. They have been complicated subjects for me to make sense out of. Let me present some information that may make these two concepts more understandable. I argue that a significant goal for each of us is to increase our phenomenal intelligence (PI). That is, we should elevate our phenomenal quotient when it comes to cognition and reasoning of our sensorial perception. PI concerns the skills required to access sensorial perception consciousness (C), and bring it to awareness, comprehension, and growth in knowledge (CACK Model). PI includes concrete and critical thinking.

At the same time, it is absolutely essential that we increase our noumenal intelligence (NI). That means it is a good idea for us to elevate our noumenal quotient of the inner apperceptual emotive and intuitive.  It is a good idea to learn NI skills related to noumenal apperceptual unconsciousness (CU) to be pulled-up and pushed-up to consciousness so there can be a concrete cognitive awareness, and a critical cognitive interpretation of this inner awareness. In later posts, I discuss intuition training as one means to build these skills. A surfacing to consciousness allows us to harvest this massive ocean and rich resource of ancestral unconscious knowledge (CuACK Model), that gives us additional knowledge to help navigate our world and help satisfy our needs.


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